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“As we continue with our business philosophy of whatever it takes to make it easier for our customers to do business with us, we have discovered new customers asking for our help with their receiving/delivery dilemmas. Many potential customers were not aware that we have a customer-friendly delivery system waiting for them that not only saves them time, but will provide ease of off-loading. We have a delivery solution for each customer and their special needs,” says Todd Plaisted, owner of Peat, Inc.
About the company…
Peat, Inc. is a unique golf, sports turf and horticulture peat supply company because we are affiliated with Plaisted Companies, the largest full-service golf course supplier in the upper Midwest. This means we can control the quality of the process from peat harvest to final mix. Plaisted’s blending services and sand business uses Peat, Inc. in their products too—so we understand the importance of quality and a consistently excellent product.
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